Charisse McCoy

The Woman

A Political Science major at Cal State Fullerton, Charisse abandoned her aspirations of becoming a Legal Analyst for entrepreneurial endeavors. Short in stature but grand in ideas, Charisse has always been a confident, outspoken and witty trailblazer. Singer, writer, poet and philanthropist... her keen insight will enlighten you. 

The Wife

After a couple of starter marriages, Charisse married her love, business partner and father of her children, William McCoy in 2007. Together they own several residential care facilities where they care for disenfranchised children and intellectually disabled adults, 365 days a year. 

The Mother

After a half a dozen miscarriages and finding the cure to her own infertility, Charisse bore a son on 12/14/07 and a daughter on 2/3/10. The two are her greatest accomplishments and keep her youthful and adventurous. 

The Entrepreneur

While she started her first business at the age of 12, Charisse did not envision herself as an entrepreneur. Instead, she climbed the corporate ladder at various Fortune 500 companies in middle management. It was not until she won a $50,000 luxury vehicle on the radio and had the foresight at the age of 24 to sell the car back to the dealership, that she invested in real estate and her first of many successful businesses. Charisse has owned and operated a 6 figure mailing company, collection agency, business consulting firm, residential care facilities and is now a software developer.

The Author

Writing has long since been a passion of Charisse's. She jokes that she writes far better than she speaks. In 2017, Charisse released her first book, My Work At Home Mom; a children's book based on a conversation she had with her then 6 year old son. She is scheduled to release two additional books in 2018.

The Podcaster

While reflecting on one year and anticipated grace and new mercies in the next; at the dawn of 2018, Charisse contemplated the direction in which to take Mom-e-Preneurs. She was deciding whether to continue to promote Statewide support group chapters or forms as a National newsletter. Technology and her gift of gab made creating a podcast an easy decision.